Carpet Cleaning

I have carpet now for the first time in a while. Eventually, it will have to be cleaned. Carpet cleaning companies use products I shouldn’t be exposed to, and I’m not in a position to bring a rented one home and use it. And, they both cost new money every time you use them.

Over time, it will be less expensive to buy an upright carpet shampooer and clean them myself as needed. I won’t have to make an appointment and be sure to be home when they come. I can touch up spots as they occur.

I bought one for $99, less than many companies charge for one cleaning of several rooms. 


Bay Leaves for Bugs

I have read about bay leaves repelling insects, but they are so expensive at the grocery store that I didn’t try it. Then I found them by the pound on Amazon and tried it. 

It really works. I haven’t seen one bug since I scattered bay leaves in all my cupboards. 

A pound of bay leaves is huge, a foot square and thick. There’s enough for me to give some to many of my neighbors and some left to cook with. A pound is about $15 on Amazon. 

Also, you can grow them. It’s just a bush or small tree, suitable for the yard or in a pot on the porch.  

Tea for the dire rear

When I was a kid and got diarrhea, my aunt tried to give me tea as a remedy. Being a kid with a sweet tooth I was never in the world going to drink what to me was an unfamiliar bitter brew. 

As an adult with a sweet tooth, I know it works okay to put sugar in the tea. Tea, what they call black tea as opposed to green tea or herbal tea, is an age-old remedy for diarrhea. It isn’t magic, like Pepto-Bismol. The effect is milder but it does have an effect. One advantage to it is you can order it in a restaurant, where you can’t order a dose of Pepto. It’s also relatively inexpensive to keep on hand at home. 

Sticking Points

Two points in the day can give a working person trouble: getting dressed for work, and knowing what in the world is for supper when you get home. In both cases, it’s not the action, it’s the thinking about it and planning that can cause difficulty.

When I was especially busy at work I used to hang a week’s worth of outfits in the closet complete with undergarments and accessories. Any morning, all I had to do was grab one and put it on. The underpinning of this system is that I had to do laundry or at least assemble outfits every weekend. That was easy enough and saved me indecision and delay on a work morning. 

The what’s for supper problem is similar. On the weekend, or during a boring meeting, or if evening TV isn’t holding your attention, sketch out a week’s worth of main meals and write down what you need to make them. Saturday, or whenever works for you, buy all that. Having written down what to make and bought the ingredients, all you have to do when you get home is review the list of meals and make one. 

I used to buy Chicken Tonight dinner sauces and pour them over a baking dish of chicken pieces and frozen vegetables, with maybe instant rice or cubed potatoes. Forty-five minutes in the oven while I changed clothes or helped with homework or whatever, and supper was ready. 




Financial Health

Just as physical health makes a better life than being unusually tall or a popular kind of attractive, so financial health is a different thing than wealth. Just look at the athletes who become wealthy at a young age and then die poor. What they needed, what we all can benefit from, is financial health, something that doesn’t require a specific level of income or assets. 

A financially healthy person knows when to stop. When to stop recreational shopping, gambling, spending on games or collectibles, when to stop letting money seep away without noticing where it went. 

A financially healthy person looks ahead farther than the next paycheck. They realize that unexpected expenses aren’t really unexpected. We know to expect a car repair or a medical bill, but we don’t know when to expect it. The healthy response is to save up as if you knew it was coming next month, since it might. They start saving a little for retirement as early as their thirties. They put aside 1/6th of the car insurance bill each month so when the half-year bill comes, they are ready. 

A financially healthy person addresses emotional problems with appropriate solutions instead of covering them with the temporary thrill of a new purchase. 

Save 100%

Soon the back to school sales will be followed by the Halloween specials and the Christmas shopping season. We’ll encounter dozens or hundreds of objects that are labeled as costing less than usual. 10% off. Save 50%. 

If money is tight or you just don’t want to be wasteful, consider each item and ask yourself if you’ll still want it in a few months and whether you really need it at all, at any price. 

Remember, you save 100% when you don’t buy it at all. 


Lighter Roof, Cooler House

If you don’t happen to need a new roof right now, you can still have a lighter colored one that will reflect more of the sun’s heat away instead of absorbing it.

There are roof paints with special metallic pigments that reflect light and heat. 

White is not the best choice because it reflects too much and may cause problems for airplanes and for neighbors on higher ground. Any relatively light color made with the special pigments will work.