London Broil

Last week Winn Dixie had London broil on special buy one get on free, so I paid less than $3 a pound for some good beef. The instructions on the package, and everything I could find on the internet, said that I had to marinate it for 8 hours. Well, I was hungry, so I didn’t. I put one of them in the toaster oven (saving electricity vs. heating up the big oven) and baked it at 375F for 10 minutes on each side (longer for well done). Then I let it set up for 15 minutes so the texture would be good. Then I sliced it very thin. It’s the slicing thin that makes it effectively tender without the long drawn out marinating process. This good hot but it’s also great cold. I like it with sliced fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise. It’s good in wraps or sandwiches or just as a quick paleo snack by itself. Since I can no longer eat eggs sometimes I have lunch food for breakfast. Beef! It’s what’s for breakfast!


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