Free books!

I have a book a day habit. When I looked around for additional sources of free books besides the public library I learned that any device can function as a Kindle. gives away the Kindle reader app for free and you can download it to any computer, tablet or smart phone. Go to and type ‘free Kindle app for pc’ (or tablet or whatever you have) in the search box.

Once your device has the Kindle app on it you can download and enjoy hundreds of free Kindle books from Amazon in many genres. They offer current fiction, mysteries, romances, historical fiction and more. They have all the classics, books that are out of copyright like Pride and Prejudice, A Christmas Carol and hundreds more. There is quite a lot of free non-fiction too.

In addition to all the free content the Kindle section has current fiction and non-fiction, some by well-know authors, at less than half the cost of a physical book. A friend of mine just paid $40 for the electronic form of a textbook that costs $130 in physical form. My library now lends Kindle books online also.

I really love the freedom and expansion created by electronic technologies.


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