A Second Shirt

It’s cold! Or what passes for cold in Florida. Even with a space heater on I was feeling a bit chilled until it dawned on my brain to put on another shirt. I already had on a long sleeved shirt, but no need to stop there. As soon as I put on a short sleeved shirt over the long one I was suddenly almost too warm and had to turn off the heater. Now mind you I already knew about dressing in layers in cold weather, I grew up in western New York State. But since it was nearly 80 degrees here a few days ago, I just wasn’t thinking about it.

When it’s really cold and I’m really paying attention I can keep heating costs to a minimum by wearing a lighter pair of slacks under a bulkier pair, two pairs of socks plus shoes, a tank top and a long sleeve shirt topped with a short sleeve shirt. I even have a headscarf on hand, since a lot of body heat escapes from the head.

When I was researching winter heating costs for my book one thing I saw that I hadn’t heard before was to move your chair, couch, bed etc. a foot or so away from an outside wall. You’ll feel warmer when not near the cold wall.






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