Free Puzzles!

I went looking for alternatives to buying books of puzzles. I searched on ‘free puzzles’. What I was thinking was crosswords, but what I got was jigsaws! It never occurred to me a jigsaw puzzle could be digital. I worked one; it was fun. At first I thought there would be a way to rotate the pieces, but they are already right side up. I clicked and dragged to move the edge pieces to the edges and move other pieces out of the way. When you put two together that are meant to be together they fuse automatically.

Then I searched again for crossword puzzles and found I like these because if I put in a wrong letter it’s in red so I know right away it’s wrong. The clues that show are the clues for the word your cursor is on or near, but you can scroll through the clues too if you want to.  This site has sudoku too.

Word search puzzles it seems are a bit more complicated. The ones I found that could be worked online required the Java Runtime Environment plugin. But when I tried to download the plugin the download failed. So I looked further and found These are meant to be printed out. They have puzzles for adults and for kids, and there’s a large print option too.

Then I looked for jumbles. The first site I went to had so many layers of advertising I gave up. Then I found That was fun. I like that they give clues when you ask for one, I need that.

Now then, logic puzzles. is a nicely designed and easy to look at site. As usual I started off confident and fizzled out before I was halfway through. Really, I have all I can do to work out the logical mysteries of human behavior, I don’t need artificial logic puzzles.

None of these sites asked me to register or even hinted at wanting my credit card information. Enjoy!

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