Curtain Substitute

I wanted to curtain off my office from the living room. I had a spring tension rod the right length. My first thought was to go to a store and buy long curtains or drapes. I’d have to buy twice as many, and sew them together so that both the office and the living room were seeing the right side of the curtains. That felt expensive, so I put it off.

Then I realized, a large flat sheet will look the same on both sides, cost less, and I can use the fitted sheet and pillow cases to make bolster covers and other things to match the curtain. I went to and searched on king size sheets. It was my lucky day because one store was having a clearance sale and I got a set of king size sheets for $9.99!! Even with almost $10 shipping, that’s very low for king size sheets.

I took my seam ripper and picked out the top few stitches at the sides of the large hem at the top of the sheet. I slid the spring tension rod through and hung it up right at the ceiling. The cloth puddles a bit at the bottom and both sides look great.


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