Valentine’s Day – Do It Your Way

We have established traditions of how to observe Valentine’s Day. The flowers, the roses, the candlelight dinners, boxes of candy. These are all great and there’s no reason not to do it that way, unless you’d like to do something different.

The Valentine’s Day I remember best I woke up in the morning and went into the kitchen and discovered the whole room full of balloons. Cliff had gotten up in the night and blown them all up – a couple of packages of the inexpensive ones they sell for kids – and put loving messages on folded up paper in some of them.  This most memorable Valentine’s Day probably cost just a couple of dollars, but I’ve remembered it all these years.

Other ideas include a treasure hunt with a loving message at each location, perhaps leading to a simple card, or the traditional candy. Maybe flower petals strewn about. Here’s what blogger Jillee did:

Eating out on eating-out type holidays often means the restaurant will be very crowded. You might need a reservation at places you normally wouldn’t. Or, if you prefer a less hectic experience, you and your sweetheart might agree to celebrate the day before or after the official date. Because we went out to eat on my birthday which is very close to Valentine’s Day, I used to cook a special meal at home for Valentine’s. I’d set the table with a red tablecloth and candles, and fix something we both liked, like tacos.

Another possibility is to do something fun, whatever the two of you consider to be fun. Bowling, roller-blading, miniature golf, air hockey, billiards, whatever you enjoy. I remember the time Cliff hit the miniature golf ball so hard we never did find it and he had to go get another one. I don’t especially remember any one time we went out to eat.

Like many other holidays, the traditional way isn’t the only “right” way or the only good way to do it. What matters is that both of you feel good about whatever you decide to do.


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