Ground Meat Skillet-Go-Round

Here’s an efficient series of meals for one person. It relies heavily on canned foods because they are very quick and easy to use. If you use fresh or frozen instead it may need to cook longer, and you might want to add a little salt.

In a heavy iron skillet, brown, crumble and cook through a pound of whatever kind of ground meat you have (pork, beef, turkey, buffalo). Stir in a can of kidney beans, rinsed, and a can of carrots, rinsed. Mix in 1½ teaspoons of cumin, 1 teaspoon salt, and some black pepper. Cover and heat through for a simple and nutritious lunch or light dinner.

That was round one. For round two take the ¾ of it that’s left and added a small can of tomatoes with green chilies (house brand equivalent of Rotel), and a can of corn. This is both colorful and flavorful. That’s a quite different meal, but made from the same base.

For round three cook a crown of fresh broccoli and added it to what’s left. For round four, add grated cheese or a nice cheese sauce.

Cooking in Rounds like that, you’re using up the original meal, but not eating exactly the same thing over and over.

I often cook a large amount and freeze several portions. Sometimes after freezing the flavor of the food isn’t as noticeable as it was when freshly made. This is the time when I add something to the portion I’m reheating. Things like mustard, salsa, horseradish, hot sauce or cheese add vibrancy to reheated foods.



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