About those flushable wipes

The commercials want me to believe that I can’t possibly potty without their pre-moistened wipes. Of course people have managed for centuries without them. My local water company has this to say about them:

“They flush just fine, however, they’re not breaking down as they make their way through our sewer system. The end result is a mountain of wipes causing clogs that are costly to repair. Our public works staff is asking that you do not flush these products.”

The city’s sewer system is safe from me.




  1. Whole family idea- for years, before I saw “Wet Wipes”, before I had babies, I would just dampen tissue. In public, no one is going to tease you/comment (I can’t imagine). Even taught my 3 sons’ this at early age (at least they could use in private). If even t.p. can’t be flushed (some septic systems) dispose where you can see container. The ads make it seem like no one has done this & you must use a’product’ (silly). No perfume, dyes, etc. to irritate the sensitive & heck of a lot cheaper. Bye y’all. 😉

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