Cleaning Up

It’s always something. A beverage slops onto the floor, grease splatters, dust settles. Life’s messy. I used to clean it up with paper towels. Here lately a roll of paper towels costs as much to buy as a cloth rag or kitchen towel at the dollar store. When I moved four years ago I left the paper towels on the dispenser in the old place, to be nice to the new owner. I never got around to buying any more. Sometimes I looked at them in the store, but for something I’m going to use once and throw away, they cost so much.

I have a set of kitchen towels on which to dry my hands, and a vast selection of cloths and sponges for cleaning and for wiping things up. Retired washcloths seem to do very well for actual cleaning, while Handi-Wipes are great for wiping up spills. They rinse out easily and dry quickly. I feel a lot better, financially and environmentally, buying something once and re-using it many times.

I used to buy commercial cleaning products. Now I mix equal parts white vinegar and water with some dish liquid and it cleans almost everything to a sparkling shine. For abrasion, I use baking soda and a sponge with a scrubby side. It really doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s only decades of commercial advertising that makes us think so.


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