Those Two Different Book Covers

Looking back over my blog postings, you may have noticed sometimes the book cover is green and sometimes it’s blue with a different picture.

When I first put the book up on Kindle, I paid an artist on to design a cover for it. It was $5 for the design and $10 for the picture. That is wonderfully inexpensive compare to hiring a graphic artist in real life.

When I figured out how to operate Createspace and brought the book out as a paperback, I had to give it a different cover. The original couldn’t be sized to fit the Createspace template, so the paperback has a different cover.

In case you’re thinking of publishing a book, going through is very easy once you get started, and they will bring it out in Kindle also, from the same file.



Marie Brack is the author of Frugal Living for the 21st Century: Adventures in Using Your Money Wisely. It’s available on in both Kindle and paperback versions.


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