Earning Online: Selling Hair

Warning, there’s a certain amount of creepiness in this post.

From my book: “I’d seen articles on the Internet that made it sound as if there is a big demand for human hair. At first, I was excited at the prospect of getting lots of money for my very long hair. I searched for wig companies that might buy my hair, and none of them would. So I wondered: if the wig makers don’t want to buy my hair, where do they get the human hair they use?

I found out they get it from religious ceremonies in which Hindus have all their hair cut off, leaving it in the temple. As many as 25,000 people a day sacrifice their hair at temples in India. The temples collect it, sell it to a wholesaler, and use the money to help the poor.

If wig companies aren’t buying, where could I sell it? I looked for auction sites and found some. There were several sites showing hair for sale with final bids over a thousand dollars.


hair long June 2012

Www.buyandsellhair.com is an auction-style online site for selling hair. The ad cost me $14.95 for ninety days. To sell your hair on this site you have to be able to cut off at least ten inches. You need up to four good pictures to upload to your ad posting. Include ponytail shots to show the thickness. If you have used no chemicals or dyes, you can advertise your hair as “virgin” hair.

I listed my twenty-five inches of virgin wavy auburn hair at $500 or best offer. As described in the “Scams” section on the site, several responders were clearly all set to cheat me. Thanks to the warnings on the site, I knew to accept only http://www.paypal.com payments and to ship by my choice of shipper, not theirs.

I began to get emails. They said things like, “Would you be willing to go to a buzz cut?” (Why do they care? I’m offering X inches of hair.) One said, “You’ll get more for your hair if you let the buyer cut it.” (Why? Any pro can cut off long hair for sale.) I asked, “What if they aren’t local?” He replied, “The buyer will travel to you or pay travel expenses.” (That could be a significant expense–it makes no sense.)

Further research revealed that there is a paraphilia in which fetishists get off on watching a woman’s hair cut off very short, sometimes with her pretending to resist the cut. Buyers who want to watch or video the cut, or meet you somewhere and cut it themselves, are probably fetishists. That’s what the larger payments are for.

In the end, I did sell my hair on buyandsellhair.com for $125. The buyer wanted hair, not a hair cutting experience. I know of one person who sold her hair on eBay, to a doll maker. Another sold to an artist who was making his own brushes from human hair.

My experience with trying to sell my hair shows why I’ve done my best to try out anything I could that I put in this book. Sometimes things sound great in an article on the Internet or in a magazine. Then when you go to do it, it turns out to be more complicated.

The folks who write articles don’t always have the time to fully check out everything they’re saying. Take it with a grain of salt and compare it to common sense and your own experience. Use search engines to find out more about the things you read.”




Marie Brack is the author of Frugal Living for the 21st Century: Adventures in Using Your Money Wisely. It’s available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback versions.


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