52 Weeks: Communication – check the bill

When I handled landline phone bill paying for a national company, I saw four hundred phone bills a month for a year. In that time I saw a wide variety of scams, cheats, and errors. Until then I had never realized that scammers create fake companies and place charges for fake services on anyone’s phone bill they can. Sometimes they trick you – or your unsuspecting children – into clicking something on the internet that gives them access. Sometimes it just appears there. The charge looks like something real and it’s easy to go right past it, thinking it is real and someone in the household or organization ordered it. Double check, or you could be paying money for nothing for months. The phone companies know these scams exist, and should take the charge off your  bill without trouble.

Something else I saw was ongoing charges for something that used to be legitimate but was no longer in use. One location was paying monthly for a WATS line. WATS lines had gone out of service twenty years before. Could you still be paying rental fees on a phone you’ve since bought outright? Anything on the bill you can’t tell what it’s for?

It pays to ask questions.

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