Warning: It’s Tax Scam Season

A recent article in Yahoo Finance says that tax scams are up 400% this year. The bad guys want your refund money, and they won’t mind taking your financial identity along with it.

It’s natural to panic when we receive a communication from the IRS. Take a breath and consider. The IRS will never ask for information by email or text. If you receive an electronic communication that claims to be from the IRS, call them at 800-829-1040, don’t reply electronically.

In 2013, $5.2 billion dollars in refunds were paid directly to scammers. They want more this year. Don’t let them get yours.



Marie Brack is the author of Frugal Living for the 21st Century: Adventures in Using Your Money Wisely. It’s available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback versions.



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