Clothes – Change it and Keep Wearing it

Clothes don’t have to keep on being what they originally were. They can be fabric ‘transformers’ that morph into something more useful.

If a pullover sweater becomes too tight or gets a stain or hole in the middle of the front, you can make it in to a no-button cardigan. Stitch two parallel rows close together down the middle so it won’t unravel when you cut it. Then cut in between the stitching down the middle and finish the edges with sewing tape or ribbon. You can do this with any shirt. It’s a little hard to describe in words. You can see it by searching on for “turn sweater into a cardigan.”

When I was a kid, the elbows on my favorite blouse wore through. I cut the sleeves off just above the holes, rolled them up, and went on wearing it. This will also work if the sleeves have become too short. You might be able to take the sleeves off and make it a sleeveless shirt.

You can do something similar with slacks. If the knees are worn through, cut them off to make shorts. Then you can roll them up, hem them, or fray the edges. A shirtdress that’s too short can be cut off and hemmed to make an actual shirt. A dress whose top part has become unusable can be made into a skirt.





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