52 Weeks: Dating, Weddings, etc.

If online dating suits you, www.plentyoffish.com is a popular free site. I prefer the way plentyoffish.com is set up compared to the big pay sites. The pay sites that pre-screen for compatibility don’t allow for the randomness of personal chemistry. They may screen out the ideal person.

Dates don’t have to be expensive or impressive. Meeting for coffee is a popular first date choice. A walk in a local park or wildlife area can be a nice chance to get to know each other without anyone having to spend much money.

Caution: if there’s no picture with the ad, and when you request one, it isn’t clear and full face, he or she has something to hide. If he or she wants your phone number but won’t give you hers/his, he or she is probably married or in a relationship. Meet in a public place for the first date, and maybe for the second, and when in doubt don’t make a third date.

A committed relationship stays fresher if you continue to date each other. Couples with kids often have obstacles to dating–expense, difficulty getting sitters, etc. Perhaps you could meet for lunch if your work schedules permit. You might let the kids go to daycare and both take a day off and spend at least part of it as a date.


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