Fix It Up: Vertical Blinds

My condo came with vertical blinds throughout. Decades of heat, sun, and use have made some of the vanes brittle. The small piece above the hole that the clip goes in to hold it broke off on some of them.

I was going to Lowe’s to buy vanes. I Googled a bit to get an idea what they cost. Some of the results were for little tabs to repair broken vanes, so I looked into it. They cost a fraction of what a new vane does and are far less bulky to bring home.

Clean the top of the vane. Pop out the holes in the repair tab. Remove the paper backing from the self-adhesive side. Bend in half and stick on the vane where the hole is. Easy. Once they are back in place you can’t tell they’ve been repaired.

(The pic shows an unbroken one because I didn’t think to take it before repairing them.)


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