Senior Discount: Ask For It

As a teenager, I didn’t understand why my mother was excited to turn 55 and start getting senior discounts. Now I get it.

Many place have senior discounts, but don’t advertise it. You have to ask. Once I ask, sometimes they don’t ask my age, they just trust my gray hair.

Here’s a site with a list of restaurants that give the discount. It varies locally more than they say, my Taco Bell doesn’t insist you be 65, and it’s 10% but no free drink.

The above list is outdated, especially the travel section – airlines rarely give discounts for seniors anymore. The main point is, don’t forget to ask for discounts.

The senior discount is by no means limited to restaurants. Anywhere you’re about to part with money, ask about discounts for seniors, military, veterans, educators, AAA members, anything that distinguishes you.

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