52 Weeks: Earnings -Pet Care and Housecleaning

From the book:

Pet care

Internet articles about jobs for retired people often mention pet sitting and dog walking. Cliff used to dog-sit for people he met while playing bridge at senior centers. We had one adorable little poodle dog with us for three months while his human companion recovered from a stroke. Well-paid working couples would be a market to look into for this, along with well-heeled seniors who travel.

House cleaning

Those same working couples and seniors might also be in the market for a house cleaner. In the early ‘80s, I worked freelance as a house cleaner. Back then, I charged a set price of $25 for a fixed group of tasks that added up to a basic weekly cleaning. With practice, it took me about two hours to do. You can charge for a set of tasks, or you can charge by the hour and let the customer set the tasks.



Marie Brack is the author of Frugal Living for the 21st Century: Adventures in Using Your Money Wisely. It’s available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback versions.



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