52 Weeks: Earnings – Retraining, Is It True?

From the book:


Going back to school to train in something there’s a demand for is a popular suggestion. Make sure there really is a demand before you spend your savings or go into debt to pay for school.

I looked into medical billing and coding. The schools all made it sound like there was a huge demand. Of course they did, they’re selling their schooling. I visited a local school. The salesperson was clearly very desperate to sell me on spending $16,000 for less than a year of training.

I went a little deeper on the Internet, past the sales pitches. I found a discussion board of people who had taken the schooling, passed the exams, and passed the state licensing tests. They still couldn’t get work, because the employers insisted on experience. When the unemployment rate is high, many people are looking for work. Employers can ask for experienced workers and get them. They have little motivation for training someone who is new to their field.




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