The Pollen-Joint Pain Connection

Somehow I’ve spent decades with allergies and years with joint pain and just now put the two together. I have degenerative joint disease in my back, so that part is pretty much a constant. This spring my knees had gotten very painful. At it’s worst, they burned when I was just sitting still, and going down stairs was a torment.

Coincidentally, I thought, I had the windows open this spring, for months. I don’t normally do that. So in late April it got hot enough that I felt I had to turn on the air conditioner. Sixteen hours later my knees stopped hurting. And I could get up from the chair without a major plan and effort.

My theory is that the inflammation from the allergic reaction had spread to my joints.

As soon as I get the a/c in the car fixed, I might be able to handle the stairs again.



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