52 Weeks: Vacations – Disney

I’ve lived fairly close to Disney World for a long time and have been there several times. The first time I went to Magic Kingdom, I followed the family group around all day with my mouth hanging open. I could ride that silly Small World ride all day if I didn’t have to stand in line again every time.

A way to make a Disney vacation cost less is to buy Disney souvenir products on eBay or at garage sales in advance and give those out to your kids after you get there. Security requirements are different now than they used to be. If it’s allowed, a fanny pack full of granola bars, string cheese, and fruit will cut down on food costs.

No expiration Disney tickets cost $20 years ago. If I had bought a dozen, that would have been one heck of a fine investment. Buying ahead can still work if you have reason to think you’ll be back and if they still offer no expiration tickets.

If you don’t mind listening to the timeshare sales pitch, some of them give free Disney tickets as a reward for listening. Once when Cliff and I were there we got a full breakfast with the sales pitch and free tickets to Disney. Cliff tried to pay the parking attendant with a roll of quarters and he waved us on in rather than deal with coins. We already had free lodging from a different timeshare company. So all we spent on that vacation was for meals and the room tax on the hotels. (And the dollar store package of underwear because he forgot to pack any.)

Some sources for discounted tickets to theme parks and attractions:

  • Your credit union
  • Your union
  • Your employer’s HR department
  • AAA
  • AARP


Marie Brack is the author of Frugal Living for the 21st Century: Adventures in Using Your Money Wisely. It’s available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback versions.


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