Month: November 2017

Accused of Snoring?

It occurred to me to wonder if I snore. Since I’ve been using Xylimelt tablets at night, I don’t wake myself up with loud snores, but I wondered. My phone has a feature whereby it can record audio for several hours. Last night I set it to record and went to sleep. This morning I’m listening to it. After forty minutes of silence, the soft, steady snoring began.

At forty-eight minutes the subtle sound became raucous. How in the world do I sleep through that? Then silence, punctuated by a sound like a cawing crow. Gasp, cough. If I were sleeping next door to that I’d consider calling 911.


My point, if any, is that if you and your significant other ever debate whether one of you snores or not, the wonderful capacities of the modern cell phone can discover the true facts.