Do It Differently

Can’t Afford Your Prescription?

Back when I last had insurance, 2008, I took the medicine that was just right for me. Without insurance, I switched to a generic that was okay but not great. Now, ten years later, that med is available in generic form, but even then it still costs $100 a month! However, when I Googled to find out the current price I was reminded about Their site has price-reducing coupons for a variety of prescription medications at several stores. You put in your zip code and they find prices and coupons for many pharmacies near you. 

Thanks to GoodRx I was able to get the Rx that is good for me at a fraction of the market price. 


Affordable Hard Cover Books

If you time it right, you can read newly issued hardcover fiction for free or nearly free. Here’s how:

When the book has been out a couple weeks, check auction sites like eBay and Amazon. Someone who has read it and wants to pass it on will be selling it for less than the retail price. There will be several listings; keep looking until you find one with a low price.

Buy it, read it, and put it back up for auction again. If you do this before the interest in it wanes, you may get your original cost back. Save the packaging it came in to reuse when you ship it back out again.

I did this with a Janet Evanovich book a few years ago. My net cost for a $28 book was only the shipping to have it delivered to my door. If I had been quicker to relist it, I might even have made a profit.


The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide on Grout

The tile in my shower might be as much as thirty-three years old, so it’s no surprise it had stubborn mildew. I tried my super-duper homemade spray cleaner. I tried vinegar. I tried straight bleach. I tried scrubbing with a toothbrush (how tedious is that?). Everything worked, but only for a few days.

Apparently, once the spores get deep into the pores of the grout normal cleaning won’t affect it.

I bought an OXO Good Grips brush to make it easier and cover more ground with a stroke. Squirted the H2O2 above it and scrubbed it into the grout. This worked very well.

What was amazing about it was, the effect has lasted far longer than anything else I tried. It’s been several weeks, and the discoloration hasn’t returned. It might be that the peroxide penetrated deeply enough into the grout to kill the mildew at its source.


No Fee No Interest Balance Transfers

Paying too much interest on your credit card debt? Could be any interest is too much interest.

When I had to replace the windows in my condo (thanks a whole lot, Hurricane Irma), I put the charge on my reward credit card, to get the points. After a while, I found a no-fee balance transfer through and moved the balance to a no-interest card. So for 18 months every payment I make really goes to pay down the balance.

When the 18 months are up, I’ll look for another no-fee, no-interest balance transfer offer. I may be paying for these windows for the rest of my life, but at least I won’t be throwing away money on interest charges.

Search on “no-fee no-interest balance transfer credit card 2018.”

The Magic of Craigslist

Now and then I look at the Free section of my local Craigslist and mentally furnish a life from it. If you’re starting out or starting over, it might be worth renting a truck and spending the day retrieving the free household goods in your area.

Today I could go and get several couches, chairs, a nice wooden table, three chair-style barstools, a king size mattress and box spring, a large china cabinet, a hutch, an Ikea dresser, a section of kitchen cabinetry, two old-style televisions, a box of VHS tapes, some hardcover books, a box of packaged foods, three different exercise machines, a patio table, lots of firewood, a large birdcage, kittens, and some tropical fish.

To find your local Craigslist, Google “Craigslist” and the name of your town.

As with any used items, examine furniture closely for signs of bedbugs or mold. These are free items, given away by the owners, so there’s no guarantee and no delivery.



Cover Your Ankles

No, I’m not channeling a Victorian governess, telling you to be modest.

It might only be me, but if any part of my legs or feet is exposed to cool air, I get sinus congestion and a runny nose. If I don’t take steps, it progresses to a sinus infection.

Although I realize it’s a personal idiosyncrasy, I mention it because it took me years to put the cool legs together with the respiratory symptoms, and maybe someone out there could benefit from the idea.