Kitchen Fires – Baking Soda Really Does Work

I had read about putting out kitchen fires, grease fires, with baking soda. Recently I set a box of baking soda up on top of the refrigerator where I could find it quickly even if flustered by an emergency.

Well, this morning I put a pan of pepperoni slices in the oven to crisp them, wandered away and when I came back they were literally on fire. (This suggests that they might make good fire starters for the grill.) With a potholder, I pulled the oven rack out far enough to sprinkle baking soda on the burning grease.

By golly, the fire went out immediately with no difficulty. Sure beats exhausting the fire extinguisher and getting whatever the chemical is all over the oven. And talk about inexpensive. Maybe a cup of baking soda at most, a few cents’ worth. The other pan that was farther from the heat survived, and I could rinse the little bit of baking soda off them.

The pan will live to bake another day, and since it’s windy today the smoke alarms didn’t go off with both doors and windows open.

I should have just ordered a pizza.