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My late husband spent hours playing bridge online at, a free site. He played with people from all over the world and greatly enjoyed it. Pogo has a huge array of card games, board games, puzzle games, hours of free fun. also has a wide variety of games. It’s fun to try out the free short forms of different games. I was hooked on Luxor. When I knew I would be at home caring for Cliff and often needing to fill some time, I paid $20 for the full version. I still played it regularly four years later, so I certainly got my money’s worth. I enjoy most of the games at www. Once you register, click the Cash Games button, find one you want to try and then choose Warm-Up Tournaments for free play.

If you like to do crosswords, Sudoku, jumbles or any other kind of puzzle, you don’t have to buy puzzle books unless you prefer the book format. All of these are available without charge online. If you search “free <whatever kind of puzzle you like> online” several sites will come up. One is There are even jigsaw puzzles online.

I very much enjoy the free “social slots” game at advertising-supported It’s online slots, but with the added twist that up to five players are shown side by side and can trade with each other to help each other get five of a kind. You build up points that can be used to buy various prizes.

If you like planning all the great things you could do if you won the lottery, you can get the same effect for free at This activity is not offered in some areas, including mine. Another such site is



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