Can’t Afford Your Prescription?

Back when I last had insurance, 2008, I took the medicine that was just right for me. Without insurance, I switched to a generic that was okay but not great. Now, ten years later, that med is available in generic form, but even then it still costs $100 a month! However, when I Googled to find out the current price I was reminded about Their site has price-reducing coupons for a variety of prescription medications at several stores. You put in your zip code and they find prices and coupons for many pharmacies near you. 

Thanks to GoodRx I was able to get the Rx that is good for me at a fraction of the market price. 


Meaning of “Early Onset”

I accidentally insulted an eighty-year-old when I said it was too late for her to have early-onset dementia.

I didn’t realize until weeks later that she thought early onset meant being in the early stages and therefore thought I was saying she already had significant dementia.

That’s not it at all.

Early-onset dementia means the patient is under sixty-five. It means getting the disease earlier in life than usual. Since most dementia patients are in their eighties, getting it in one’s sixties is getting it early. Maybe they should call it young-onset.

Cover Your Ankles

No, I’m not channeling a Victorian governess, telling you to be modest.

It might only be me, but if any part of my legs or feet is exposed to cool air, I get sinus congestion and a runny nose. If I don’t take steps, it progresses to a sinus infection.

Although I realize it’s a personal idiosyncrasy, I mention it because it took me years to put the cool legs together with the respiratory symptoms, and maybe someone out there could benefit from the idea.

Systolic Blood Pressure

All my life, the top and bottom numbers of my blood pressure have related to each other in a normal way: 117/73, 120/80, 125/82, like that.

Then I got pancreatitis and stopped cooking with garlic. I never ate mass amounts, but normal amounts regularly. When I had to stop eating it, I developed Isolated Systolic Hypertension: the top number when high but the bottom number didn’t. Turns out garlic contains a compound that improves the elasticity of blood vessels, thus contributing to normal systolic blood pressure.

Once I figured this out and resumed eating modest amounts of garlic, the top number came down again. My pancreas doesn’t much like it, but I feel it’s worth it to keep my pressure normal.


Horrendously Expensive Medications

The latest email from includes an article from a subscriber who couldn’t afford the $280 (!) co-pay on a prescription. He remembered those TV ads about how the manufacturer “may be able to help.” He called and explained his situation. They gave him a coupon for a month’s worth free. Since his was an acute condition, this was enough to get him through.

It can’t hurt to ask!


The Three Second Rule is not for Eye Drops

The eye drops bottle is not kidding when it says “Do not touch the tip of the bottle to your eye or any other surface.” Not even for a fraction of a second.

My frugal instincts led me to continue to use the (nearly full!) eye drops after they touched my eye and all it did was make the conjunctivitis worse. Because the bottle became contaminated in that less than a second in which it touched my eyeball, and I was just dripping germs back into my eye every day.

Throw it out.