Challenge Me!

My book is all about finding useful, affordable alternatives to the things modern life has conditioned us to believe we “have to” buy.

Think of something that costs money that you don’t know of an alternative for. Challenge me to offer an alternative by leaving a comment on this or any other post. Please include the word “challenge” in your response.

Wonderful review

I am so moved by this review. “Tightwad Gazette of the 21st Century” is exactly what I wanted people to think about it:

“Great book!, February 18, 2014

By Lita McRiley “Sorlina”See all my reviews

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This review is from: Frugal Living for the 21st Century: Adventures in Using Your Money Wisely (Kindle Edition)

This book is jam-packed with tips, ideas, and strategies for saving money. It’s the Tightwad Gazette of the 21st century… internet addresses for DIY help, encouragement for readers, personal anecdotes, this book has it all. To top it off, it’s delivered in a light, easy to read style that isn’t preachy or judgmental. A very helpful, and enjoyable, read!”

The Tightwad Gazette has been the “bible” of thrifty living. My hope was to make it the ‘old testament’ and mine the ‘new testament’, and it seems I have succeeded.


Learn a Language for Free – Duolingo

I enjoy learning a new language, but I don’t know many languages well because I lack the self-discipline to stick with it. My high school French has been of little use to me because I’m never around anyone who speaks French. I know the usual food words and “hola” in Spanish. Sadly, I can cuss or call names in six languages, but I’m fluent only in English.

Something that helps with sticking with it is www.duolingo.com. They send me an email every day reminding me to come back and learn some more. The format is kind of game-like, so I think I’m playing, but it’s also a sound way of learning. I do better when I not only hear and say it but also read and write it, and Duolingo.com has all of that. So far I’m finding the amount of repetition to be just enough so I finally catch on and not so much that I get annoyed with it.

At present they offer Latin American Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian courses for English speakers, as well as American English for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Hungarian speakers. It is available on the Web, iOS, and Android platforms.