Accused of Snoring?

It occurred to me to wonder if I snore. Since I’ve been using Xylimelt tablets at night, I don’t wake myself up with loud snores, but I wondered. My phone has a feature whereby it can record audio for several hours. Last night I set it to record and went to sleep. This morning I’m listening to it. After forty minutes of silence, the soft, steady snoring began.

At forty-eight minutes the subtle sound became raucous. How in the world do I sleep through that? Then silence, punctuated by a sound like a cawing crow. Gasp, cough. If I were sleeping next door to that I’d consider calling 911.


My point, if any, is that if you and your significant other ever debate whether one of you snores or not, the wonderful capacities of the modern cell phone can discover the true facts.


Snoring Remedy

Several months ago I discovered Xylimelts tablet for dry mouth. I was waking up in the night from a sharp, pinching pain because my mouth was so dry. The Xylimelts that stick to a tooth and slowly dissolve through the night fixed that problem.

What I didn’t realize at first was that it also stopped my snoring. When I doze off without the tablets, I wake myself up snoring. With the tablets, my mouth stays closed, and if I snore, it isn’t loud enough to wake me, so I don’t know about it.

Book Fair!

Deltona Regional Library Hosts Authors Book Fair

Over fifty authors will take part in a free book fair Saturday, October 28, at the Deltona Regional Library, 2150 Eustace Ave., Deltona, 32725. The authors represent a wide range of genres including children’s literature, Florida and American history, mysteries, spirituality, memoirs, poetry, and health.

The public can meet the authors and buy signed books from 1 to 4 p.m. Local author Marie Brack will be there.

There is a $20 fee for the general public to attend workshops and they may pay at the door. Workshops are free for students with ID.

  • 9:30 – 10 a.m.: “Turning an Idea into a Book” with Elizabeth Vollstadt
  • 10 – 10:30 a.m.: “Media Law” with Kimberly Voss
  • 10:30 – 11 a.m.: “Don’t Get Scammed!” with Melinda Clayton
  • 11 – 11:30 a.m.: “Book Marketing Kickstart” with Rik Feeney
  • 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: “Write Right, Right Now! An Advanced Editing Bootcamp for the Modern Author” with Liz Coursen

The book fair is sponsored by the Friends of Deltona Library. For more information, call Christy Jefferson at 386-218-4087.







Wow! Red City Five Star Review of Sampler

My Writer’s Sampler: Exercises in Learning to Write Fiction by Marie Brack


brackHow can I make my characters “relatable” to readers? Is there a certain type of structure my story should follow? What are the advantages/disadvantages of writing in the first person versus writing in the third person? How can I get my book published, and, when I do, how can I market it to my target audience? If you’re an aspiring fiction writer, you probably have many questions about how to write a compelling piece that others will want, and be able, to read. These questions can be overwhelming, and, sometimes, they can make a wannabe-writer abandon his or her story before it’s been told. But, don’t fret. Don’t throw in the towel or throw your hands up in frustration. Instead, grab your favorite electronic device, and read this book. My Writer’s Sampler, Exercises in Learning to Write Fiction by Marie Brack is an approachable, highly organized text that aspiring fiction writers can use to navigate most, if not all, of the questions and other obstacles that have heretofore stood in their way. Presented in a reader-friendly format that cycles through the alphabet twice, My Writer’s Sampler comprehensively addresses scores of writing-related topics in a very understandable, edifying manner. The first section carries readers from arc to zeugma, providing explanations of 26+ different elements of writing, each of which are bolstered by recommended readings from well-known authors, as well as by Brack’s own yarns. The second cycle carries readers from abbreviation to zombies, discussing dozens of other stylistic and practical issues a writer may face in the writing process; and, the appendices provide insight and instruction on what the writer can do once that process is done (namely, self-publishing and marketing strategy).

My Writer’s Sampler, Exercises in Learning to Write Fiction by Marie Brack is an invaluable tool for beginner and intermediate fiction writers. The format, table of contents, and index make specific subjects very easy to find, giving readers a quick, reliable way to get around their writing roadblocks—and, as a whole, the text makes fiction writing more accessible, thereby making the reader’s journey from wannabe-writer to writer a much easier, more fulfilling one.

To purchase a copy of the book, click here to find it on Amazon.

Free Wildflower Seeds

Cheerios wants to help us keep our very necessary bees by encouraging people to plant wildflowers.

Get your free seeds here: http://www.cheerios.com/bringbackthebees

The great thing about wild flowers is that given a chance they grow without needing a great deal of preparation and care.