Free Credit Freeze

One piece of protecting your identity is preventing scammers from opening accounts in your name without your knowledge. One way to do that is to “freeze” your accounts with the credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, Naturally, you don’t want the accounts to be frozen when you yourself are applying for anything that involves a credit check, but when you aren’t, it’s a safe practice. 

A new law goes into effect after September 21 that requires the agencies to freeze and unfreeze your accounts without charge. 


Can’t Afford Your Prescription?

Back when I last had insurance, 2008, I took the medicine that was just right for me. Without insurance, I switched to a generic that was okay but not great. Now, ten years later, that med is available in generic form, but even then it still costs $100 a month! However, when I Googled to find out the current price I was reminded about GoodRX.com. Their site has price-reducing coupons for a variety of prescription medications at several stores. You put in your zip code and they find prices and coupons for many pharmacies near you. 

Thanks to GoodRx I was able to get the Rx that is good for me at a fraction of the market price. 

Affordable Hard Cover Books

If you time it right, you can read newly issued hardcover fiction for free or nearly free. Here’s how:

When the book has been out a couple weeks, check auction sites like eBay and Amazon. Someone who has read it and wants to pass it on will be selling it for less than the retail price. There will be several listings; keep looking until you find one with a low price.

Buy it, read it, and put it back up for auction again. If you do this before the interest in it wanes, you may get your original cost back. Save the packaging it came in to reuse when you ship it back out again.

I did this with a Janet Evanovich book a few years ago. My net cost for a $28 book was only the shipping to have it delivered to my door. If I had been quicker to relist it, I might even have made a profit.



I’m about done hearing mature women objecting to being respectfully addressed.

Ma’am does not mean you are old. It means you are an adult and the person speaking to you knows how to speak respectfully.

Let’s stop discouraging our young people from showing respect to adults.

Yes, ma’am, I am a ma’am.


The Trick to Freezing Milk

The key to successfully freezing and later using milk is in the thawing. If you start pouring the thawed part before the whole container thaws, the taste and texture will be different than you expect. Let the whole container thaw, then shake it up good before drinking.

Before putting the container in the freezer, make sure there’s room for the milk to expand as it freezes.

Save Yourself a Big Fine

No need to throw away money paying fines for doing stuff you didn’t need to do in the first place. Walk the extra block instead of risking a parking ticket. People who live by the beach near me can’t show a light after dark during sea turtle season, or there’s a fine. No need to kill turtles and cost yourself money at the same time.

Aiming a laser at an aircraft isn’t a joke. No need to kill people and cost yourself money at the same time:

“I am the sole pilot. The controls can get out of hand rather rapidly. It can take five to 10 seconds for it to all be over. I’ve got my life and a cameraman in the back. If I could have lost control, we might have hit some people on the ground.”

“Due to atmospheric interference, it kind of spreads the beam out. Once it’s gone a mile, it’s at least a foot wide. You can’t see anything for the next few minutes but dots.”

“When it happened last year, it hit me in the eyes. I was in danger of losing my aviation medical and I had to go see an eye doctor. I had to prove I was still physically fit to fly. That’s my livelihood.”