Save Yourself a Big Fine

No need to throw away money paying fines for doing stuff you didn’t need to do in the first place. Walk the extra block instead of risking a parking ticket. People who live by the beach near me can’t show a light after dark during sea turtle season, or there’s a fine. No need to kill turtles and cost yourself money at the same time.

Aiming a laser at an aircraft isn’t a joke. No need to kill people and cost yourself money at the same time:

“I am the sole pilot. The controls can get out of hand rather rapidly. It can take five to 10 seconds for it to all be over. I’ve got my life and a cameraman in the back. If I could have lost control, we might have hit some people on the ground.”

“Due to atmospheric interference, it kind of spreads the beam out. Once it’s gone a mile, it’s at least a foot wide. You can’t see anything for the next few minutes but dots.”

“When it happened last year, it hit me in the eyes. I was in danger of losing my aviation medical and I had to go see an eye doctor. I had to prove I was still physically fit to fly. That’s my livelihood.”



Yard Tools

Lawncare season is upon us! If you have a neighbor or neighbors you trust, consider sharing yardwork tools. If several households go in on the cost of purchasing a lawnmower or weedeater, each one saves a little.

Make them last longer by putting them away clean and dry, especially before the winter hiatus.

Systolic Blood Pressure

All my life, the top and bottom numbers of my blood pressure have related to each other in a normal way: 117/73, 120/80, 125/82, like that.

Then I got pancreatitis and stopped cooking with garlic. I never ate mass amounts, but normal amounts regularly. When I had to stop eating it, I developed Isolated Systolic Hypertension: the top number when high but the bottom number didn’t. Turns out garlic contains a compound that improves the elasticity of blood vessels, thus contributing to normal systolic blood pressure.

Once I figured this out and resumed eating modest amounts of garlic, the top number came down again. My pancreas doesn’t much like it, but I feel it’s worth it to keep my pressure normal.






Easy Net Worth Calculation

The idea of computing your net worth can seem intimidating. It sounds awfully accounting-ish and formal. When it’s just for your own information, it’s easy.

Take a piece of paper or a spreadsheet. Write down the value of your big stuff:

Home if you own it (https://www.zillow.com/how-much-is-my-home-worth/),

Other real estate,

Bank account balances,

Brokerage account, IRA, 401k, (just use the most recent statement. Doesn’t need to be exact to the penny.)

The amount you could get for your car, jewelry, and collectibles if you sold them, (If you guess, guess low.)

Anything else I haven’t thought of.

Add it up.

Write down everything you owe:


Credit cards, personal loans, car loans, medical and dental bills, (this does not include current utility bills, only debts)

Anything else I haven’t thought of.

Add it up.

Subtract the amount owed from the total of assets.

If the amount is negative, it’s probably a good idea to work on reducing the amount of debt you have.

If it’s positive, you’re way ahead of many people, so keep on!




Ideals are Different From Goals

In a perfect world, Henry, age forty, might have his house paid off and ten thousand dollars in the bank in case he loses his job. Should these be Henry’s goals?

I think not, because unless he earns twenty bazillion dollars a year, they aren’t attainable in a realistic time frame. If Henry set these as goals, he would soon become discouraged. It’s fine to hold these as ideals, but goals should be attainable.

His short-term goals might be to reduce his expenses enough to make periodic principal pre-payments on his mortgage. To have a little money automatically transferred to his savings account from every paycheck. You have to start at the beginning.

Because people are only human, we need goals we can realistically meet, and meet them soon enough to feel successful.

Accused of Snoring?

It occurred to me to wonder if I snore. Since I’ve been using Xylimelt tablets at night, I don’t wake myself up with loud snores, but I wondered. My phone has a feature whereby it can record audio for several hours. Last night I set it to record and went to sleep. This morning I’m listening to it. After forty minutes of silence, the soft, steady snoring began.

At forty-eight minutes the subtle sound became raucous. How in the world do I sleep through that? Then silence, punctuated by a sound like a cawing crow. Gasp, cough. If I were sleeping next door to that I’d consider calling 911.


My point, if any, is that if you and your significant other ever debate whether one of you snores or not, the wonderful capacities of the modern cell phone can discover the true facts.