The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide on Grout

The tile in my shower might be as much as thirty-three years old, so it’s no surprise it had stubborn mildew. I tried my super-duper homemade spray cleaner. I tried vinegar. I tried straight bleach. I tried scrubbing with a toothbrush (how tedious is that?). Everything worked, but only for a few days.

Apparently, once the spores get deep into the pores of the grout normal cleaning won’t affect it.

I bought an OXO Good Grips brush to make it easier and cover more ground with a stroke. Squirted the H2O2 above it and scrubbed it into the grout. This worked very well.

What was amazing about it was, the effect has lasted far longer than anything else I tried. It’s been several weeks, and the discoloration hasn’t returned. It might be that the peroxide penetrated deeply enough into the grout to kill the mildew at its source.



So Easy: Walmart Free Shopping Service

Wow. I just shopped at from the comfort of my recliner, very easily found everything I could possibly need, put in my discount code, and later this afternoon I’ll pull up to the store and someone will put my groceries in the car for me.

No more hoping there’s a parking space less than a mile from the door. No wondering if there’s going to be an electric cart available. No wandering around unable to find the right department for something I don’t usually buy.

You can designate whether you’ll accept substitutions for each item or not.

If you pick up during their normally scheduled pickup hours, there is no charge for the service.

This is great for me with my physical limitations, but it could also be great for someone who’s pressed for time, or who spends too much money if they wander around the store seeing all the cool stuff.


Get $10 off your first order:

Meaning of “Early Onset”

I accidentally insulted an eighty-year-old when I said it was too late for her to have early-onset dementia.

I didn’t realize until weeks later that she thought early onset meant being in the early stages and therefore thought I was saying she already had significant dementia.

That’s not it at all.

Early-onset dementia means the patient is under sixty-five. It means getting the disease earlier in life than usual. Since most dementia patients are in their eighties, getting it in one’s sixties is getting it early. Maybe they should call it young-onset.

Paid Medical Studies

Clinical trials for new treatments reach a point when they need human volunteers to participate. One reputable site is Covance:

To find even more local trials, check out the “volunteers” section of your local Craigslist. Even though it’s under volunteers, most of them pay you for your participation. Here’s a short sample of Craigslist ads in my area:


Taking the Long View

Some things just take time. Put aside $1000 in an interest-earning account and leave it alone for twenty years and you’ll have a ton of money. Plant a shade tree now, and ten years from now you’ll have shade. Have a baby now and eighteen to twenty-two years from now they’ll be pretty much grown up. Live long enough, and you’ll be eighty. Some things just can’t be rushed.

Unfortunately, the prime years for starting things like shade trees and decades-long savings plans are our twenties and thirties. I for one was not thinking long term during that phase of my life. When those years are gone, they’re gone.

On the other hand, you haven’t lost until you give up. Start those retirement savings in your forties, fifties, even sixties, and you’ll have a great deal more than you would have if you’d never started.

The hybrid poplar tree can grow eight feet a year. Plant it where it will shade your air conditioner compressor the first year and your windows in later years.

Adopt an older child and they’ll be in college before you know it.

Eat your vegetables now, and maybe you will get to eighty.

Where’s the Beef?

I heated up a frozen dinner, Korean-style beef with vegetables and rice. Come to take off the covering film, there’s no beef! Delicious vegetables and rice, but no beef. I just got off a live internet chat with a rep at the site given on the package. They’re sending me coupons for a couple free meals.

When something isn’t right, let the manufacturer know.

When something is great, let the manufacturer know.