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Wills and Beneficiaries

In today’s Dollar Stretcher email ( a poster stated that she hadn’t realized that beneficiaries on accounts override one’s Will. I knew that, and in fact I’m writing a mystery novel that hinges on the idea of a character promising to make someone the sole beneficiary of her Will, and she does, but her assets all have beneficiaries on them, so the heir by Will gets nothing.

It’s wise to periodically review your accounts to make sure your beneficiaries are still the people you want to have it, and for that matter are still alive.

IRA, 401k, POD stocks, real estate, bank accounts: Are you leaving them to the people you want to have them, or perhaps to a former spouse or deceased parent?






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The Dollar Stretcher

One of my favorite resources for frugal living is Gary Foreman’s The Dollar Stretcher at The site is full of genuinely useful information. It is moderated enough that there isn’t a lot of irrelevant matter, nor too many tips that turn out to be not true.

In addition to the large array of fixed content, they have discussion boards too. These are a good place to ask or answer specific questions. They are broken down by topic. So if you’re looking to save on food and cooking, there’s a forum for that. If you want to live greener, get out of debt, invest more wisely or learn about hobbies or homeschooling, there’s a forum for that, among others.

I get their daily emails, which you can sign up for at Just about every email has something in it that I or someone I know can use.

Thanks, Gary!